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Week 2: Why My Students Enrolled in African American Survey II

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

What lingering questions have guided their interests in learning more about African American History from 1865 to the Present?

"...I enrolled in this course because with everything going on in today's world (Black lives matter movement,police brutality, discrimination, and racism), It is important to learn where these issues stem from in order to address and fix these current issues."

"My question is why is that black history is ignored, why are we forced to learn about new white president but never the slave owners, and never the destruction they cause to Black people. Why do government pick and choose the same Black leaders to be on the book but never want to pick other great black leaders for students to learn about? "

"If I had one question it would be how we can still open people’s eyes about the struggles and racism towards black people that they’re not ‘seeing' today?"

"My lingering question "Are college classroom still safe spaces for students to debate sensitive topics without being accused of being a racist?" 

"Why do we often fall under the belief that the “black experience” is monolithic? Is it a societal norm?"

"My question is why does grade school only talk about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks? There is so much more about African American History that should be taught like 'Black Wall Street' or 'Sundown Town'?"

"How would you make sure that the knowledge of the African American even history is continued throughout the four walls of the classroom?" "Why can we not have African American history integrated into our mandatory history course for a cohesive and accurate depiction of history? Or make African American history a mandatory course? Why does our education system, not only at the collegiate level but K-12 as well, deny the existence of the black experience?"

"How do historians discuss black culture when it comes to music?"

"If the continuous killings of young African American men were actually shown on the news around the early 2000s, how much more killings would I have known about up until the year of 2020?"

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