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When will AI find us?: Black Archives and Humanity

Updated: Nov 19

Here's a list of resources I compiled for other lay people who are interested in ethical conversations about Artificial Intelligence. This will be a space for sharing future resources as well.


Doing Grueling Work for an AI: Data Labeling (2:59)--DW

The Coded Gaze: Unmasking Algorithmic Bias (2:41)--Joy Buolamwini

AI, Ain't I A Woman? (46:55) --Joy Buolamwini


The Collective BWICC, Securing the Future: Embracing The Resilience and Brilliance of Black Women in Cyber (2023)

Ruha Benjamin, Race After Technology (2023)

André Brock, Jr., Distributed Blackness: African American Cybercultures (2020)

Safiya Noble, Algorithms of Oppression (2018)

Safiya Noble, The Intersectional Internet: Race, Sex, Class and Culture Online (2016)

Safiya Noble, Emotions, Technology, and Design (2016)


Amba Kak and Sarah Myers West, "The AI Debate Is Happening in a Cocoon," Atlantic--November 9, 2023

Claretta Belamy, "‘Big risks’: Obama and tech experts address harms of AI to marginalized communities," NBC News--November 9, 2023

Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen, "Behind the Curtain: What AI architects fear most (in 2024)," AXIOS--November 8, 2023

Supantha Mukherjee in Stockholm, Diane Bartz in Washington and Jeffrey Dastin in San Francisco, "EU AI Act to serve as blueprint for global rules, Benifei says," Reuters--November 8, 2023

Jaspreet Gill, "Army moving out on AI BOM concept for Project Linchpin," Breaking Defense--November 8, 2023

Angela Watercutter and Will Bedingfield, "Hollywood Actors Strike Ends With a Deal That Will Impact AI and Streaming for Decades," Wired--November 8, 2023

Rishi Bommasani, Christie M. Lawrence, Lindsey A. Gailmard, Caroline Meinhardt, Daniel Zhang, Peter Henderson, Russell Wald, Daniel E. Ho, "Decoding the White House AI Executive Order’s Achievements," Human Centered Artificial Intelligence--November 2, 2023

Erica L. Green, "Harris Warns That the ‘Existential Threats’ of A.I. Are Already Here," New York Times--November 1, 2023

Hayden Field and Lauren Feiner, "Biden issues U.S.' first AI executive order, requiring safety assessments, civil rights guidance, research on labor market impact," CNBC--October 30, 2023

Cat Zakrezewski, Cristiano Lima, and Tyler Pager, "White House to unveil sweeping AI executive order next week," Washington Pot--October 25, 2023

Lorena O'Neil, "These Women Tried to Warn Us About AI: Today the risks of artificial intelligence are clear--but the warning signs have been there all along," Rolling Stone-- August 10, 2023.

Irene Benedicto, "Detroit Woman Sues City Police After Being Wrongfully Arrested Due To AI Facial Recognition," Forbes--August 7, 2023

Zachary Small, "Black Artists Say AI Shows Bias, With Algorithms Erasing Their History,": Tech companies acknowledge machine-learning algorithms can perpetuate discrimination and need improvement," The New York Times--July 4, 2023

AI in the Classroom:

Sarah E. Bond, "As a History Professor, This Is How I Use AI in Class," Hyperallergic--November 13, 2023

Moira Donovanarchive, "How AI is helping historians better understand our past," MIT Technology Review--April 11, 2023

Aaron Welborn, "ChatGPT and Fake Citations," Duke University Libraries News --March 9, 2023


Center for Humane Technology

MIT News/Artificial Intelligence

Stanford University Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

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